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pillow covers vintage ‘pop-up’ rooms within rooms geometric cushion covers

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For some time now, we’;ve been mulling the idea of pop-up, temporary “;rooms”; that we could put in place easily in a smallish apartment. The idea started with wanting to provide out-of-town friends camping in our living room with privacy, and evolved when we were trying to figure out a way to separate our sleeping area off from our officepillow covers vintage, which shares one big room. Lately, as we’;ve thought about the things we could do with one huge loft-like room, we thought it would be great to be able to devise a separate office, without building anything in.

Although this could be done with imaginative use of room screens, we imagine an impermanent structure that would define a space: a moveable, temporary room within an apartment…;We found quite a range of possibilities from the seriously-designed and expensive MultiScreen Shangrila, above, with screens that move up and down to Display Hut’;s?8’;x8′; Canopy Tent. It has a pop-up frame adjustable to a variety of heights, and side walls you can add to suit your space…;

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The frame itself has huge potential: we’;d see if we could get rid of that vertical bar sticking up and just use it to hang canvas or linen on the frame…;

We found some interesting inflatable enclosures and pods at BedouinTents and Inflate…;

Molo’;s Softwall, which?expands like an accordian from a few inches to 20 feet makes for instant spaces with no hard edges:

And then there’;s the idea of a kid-like encampment, a hide-out to dream in, no matter what age…;We love this lovely tent-like structure posted by somethingshidinginhere on Flickr:


Back to Basics Toys makes a white canvas tipi in various sizes up to 12 1/2’;…;and we really like this one from Etsy...

…;maybe what we really need is a blanket fort…;


…;.What’;s your idea?

Heirloom is one of the oldest styles of specialty sewing. This precise and delicate type of stitching is said to have started in the late 1800s by French nuns who hand-stitched exquisite laces onto delicate fabrics for royal families. Their craftsmanship was so incredible, the resulting gowns and linens were painstakingly preserved and handed down from one generation to the next; hence an heirloom. You'll see the influence of heirloom stitching in a variety of high-end garments; most notably, special occasion finery, such as wedding dresses, christening gowns, and lingerie, as well as in the finest table linens. Today, with French nuns in short supply, we show you the basics of creating heirloom stitching with your sewing machine.

The FlipBelt is machine washable and dryable, and is also reflective for safe use at night.

Today I’m sharing a last-minute gift idea that is literally SO last-minute, you can pick it up on the way. (Assuming you can gift-wrap in the car, I mean. ?Haha.) ?By using the Walgreens photo app, you can print photos from your phone and pick up in an hour at most locations. ?And what’s cool is that it’s not just prints! ?I ordered this beautiful canvas using the app on my phone and picked it up an hour later. ?One hour. ?And you guys know, I’m all about an hour-or-less around here! ?It’s a gift that looks thoughtful and well-planned, even in a time crunch. ?It’s like a Christmas shopping miracle. ?(You don’t have to tell them how easy it was.)

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