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pillow covers vintage Setting the Perfect Holiday Table personalized pillow cases vintage

Updated: 2019-09-10 12:16 Views: 70

Over the next few weeks, we’ll all be sitting down to numerous holiday meals with friends and family. When it comes to preparation, planning and designing a beautiful tablescape is just as important as planning the perfect menu. If you’re in need of some fresh inspiration and a few tips for a party-ready table, we’ve got you covered!

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Determine a Theme

First offpillow covers vintage, decide on an overall theme for your table. Are you hoping for a traditional holiday table with plenty of red, green, white, gold and blue hues? Or maybe a more modern table with lots of white and metallic pops of color? Once you’ve established a theme, the real fun begins!

Photos via Design Seeds

Choose Your Linens Mindfully

Beautiful, high-quality linens are the foundation of any eye-catching table. Stick to your decided color palette and choose napkins, placemats, a table cloth or a table runner that speaks to the theme. ????

A pattern-filled table adds character and appeal. Experiment with plaid, buffalo check and geometric designs on your linens!

Layer in Natural Elements

Add natural elements to your table by incorporating olive, evergreen or eucalyptus branches to the design. Craft them into long garlands and place them down the center of the table or use them as decoration in other ways. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Photo: Marie Claire

Photo: Becky Owens

Photo: House Beautiful

Fresh fruit and berries can also add pops of holiday hues – Think green pears, rich red apples and pomegranates and bright red holly berries or cranberries.

Photos via Cedar Hill Farmhouse / Inspire Me Heather / Julia Blanner

Sprinkle in Fun Touches

Add whimsy or a dash of sparkle to your table with festive votive holders, adorable felt flowers (perfect as an addition to a table runner), metallic vases or small wooden bowls?filled with nuts and greenery.

Feeling ambitious? Get creative and spray paint pine cones or nuts to place along the table. Make a statement with yarn bombed twigs in vases (find the tutorial here) or create one-of-a-kind place cards for your guests.

Photos via Ladies Home Journal / Wedding Chicks / Mabel Crafts

Add Warmth with Candles

Who doesn’t love a table peppered with candles? They make any space more inviting! Votives can be placed along a table runner among greenery or other small décor items. Larger candles add a certain amount of traditional charm and drama. Here are some of our favorite examples:

We hope you gained a little inspiration for your holiday table this season! Leave your own tips and ideas in the comments below—We love to hear from you!

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