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pillow covers vintage Paper Hair Bows- A tutorial customized gifts for mom

Updated: 2020-04-26 17:36 Views: 54

Last month Lifestyle Crafts sent me a little package. ?Some of their new Knotty &; Nice Dies to play with.

They asked if I’;d like the Knotty OR the Nice set…; I chose the knotty one, and made some Hair Bows for my girls. ?Along with the bows I made a letterpress card to attach them to. I thought they’;d be a great EASY Christmas gift for an older girl.

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I must say that I am now OBSESSED with these bows. ?They are going to be on everything this Christmas.

If you’;re not familiar with Lifestyle Crafts dies…; They are metal dies that you run throught a machine. ?I’;ve got a Cuttlebug so that’;s what I use, but they are compatible with many other die systems. ?I know that digital seems to be the “;thing”; nowpillow covers vintage, but I prefer using dies when I’;m working with more dimensional projects. ?I tested and these dies cut felt! ?They also cut through the heavy glitter cardstock I used for my project without any trouble.

My girls are ?17 and 11 and are too “;old”; (according to them) for ribbons in their hair. ? These bows I thought looked a bit more trendy. …; I think they agree as my 17 yr old has now confiscated the bows.

To make the bows I ran glitter cardstock through my cuttlebug with the dies (the t shaped die is another bow that’;s going on a later project).

The glitter cardstock (at least the one I bought) is white on the back. ?To solve this problem, I glued red paper to the back of the red cardstock. ?THEN ran it through my machine to cut the dies. ?Worked great, even with the 2 layers of paper.

After that I just folded the pieces to make the bows. There are guide marks on the dies so you know where to attach them.

One change I did make was to use ribbon as the bow centers instead of paper. ?I noticed that the glitter cardstock flaked when it was folded. (Can you tell that the glitter cardstock and I were not “;friends”; at the end of this?)…;. ?Plus I need a bit more “;slack”; to get the center around the hair clip.

iPhone pic

I just wrapped the ribbon around the center of the bow then hot glued it to a hair clip.

The dies are available now.…; and as always, Polka Dot Chair readers enjoy a 20% discount using the code POLKADOT

*Disclosure: I did receive compensation in the form of product for this post, as always all opinions are 100% mine .

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