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pillow covers vintage LINEN IS GOOD ON YOU linen pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-08 21:09 Views: 100

Did you know that paper money is composed of 25 percent linen fiber? Yes, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so durable.Unlike cotton, with good care, linen can last for up to three decades. In addition to this, it is made from 100 % flax plant fibres, thereforepillow covers vintage, it is fully biodegradable. There are more details that prove how sustainable linen is, making you feel better about your impact on Earth each time you choose to use it.

When the flax plant is used, nothing is wasted. Well, maybe except for the roots. The seeds are used to garnish bread, in addition to so many other dishes, and to produce linseed oil,which is used as a nutritional supplement and an ingredient in many wood-finishing products. The stems, as you may already assume, are used to produce linen fabrics. It turns out,its Latin nameusitatissimummeans “most useful”.

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Linen doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. That means – less pollution and no irritation to our sensitive skin. What is more,flax can grow in poor soil, using far less water in its consumption than let's say cotton.

It’s a fact – linen dates back to about 5000 B.C. whenEgyptians used it for clothing production, as well as currency. Even though today linen is used widely, it is still considered to be a luxurious fabric. That is because of the time and effort it takes to produce linen yarn, and the manual processes that have to take place in order to achieve it. Maybe that makes the linen shirt so iconic? There is a foundation and reasoning behind the price of this wonderful material. Strong plants need more hands, but they lasts.

Linen was always highly valuable for its characteristics, but today, more than ever, we want to highlight its sustainability.

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