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pillow covers vintage Interior Design Styles- Quintessentially English funny cushion covers

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Chocolate box picturesque quaint cottages with roses and traditional English cottage garden flowers?epitomises this interior design style. The style itself nudges very close to Shabby Chic, although there are distinct differences between the two interior design styles. Shabby chic allows a mix?of different eras to blend together, while quintessentially English pays close attention to using?materials and fabrics which highlight the English countryside.

Soft pastels co-ordinated with white, cream or ivory is ideal and will also allow you to include some?deeper tones as accents.

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Small reddish tiles or stone are often seen in true country cottagespillow covers vintage, however, today you can get the?look by using tiles which modern, and therefore are easy to clean, which have a the impression?of being old originals. Rugs also play a part in most rooms and buying rugs direct from online?retailers will provide you with a variety of sizes, colours and design to suit this interior design style.

Typically wood such as oak and pine are seen in rustic country cottages, while slightly larger?homes use dark oak and mahogany. As the rooms of cottages are small try and keep the size of?the furniture in proportion, otherwise the rooms will look cramped. Kitchen tables and chairs made?of pine are perfect additions in smaller homes, while majestic mahogany can be used equally as?effectively.

Cottons, damasks, jacquards and linen are perfect. Look for floral patterns depicting roses for a?more formal interior or wild flowers such as primroses and bluebells. In the bedroom use bedding?and duvet covers with a light background as this will help you to stay true to the style.

Unlike our neighbours across the Channel we rarely use external shutters to keep out any draughts?or heat, therefore medium or heavy weight curtains UK are a great way of keeping draughts out in the colder months. Their are plenty of curtains online to choose from which will give you the?Quintessentially English look. If you have a lot of draughts you can always add curtain lining to give another layer of insulation to your windows.

Lots of pretty floral patterned plates can be used as display items in dining rooms and kitchens, old?jelly moulds, tea pots and butter dishes are also good choices and have become so popular that they?can be costly. Take a trip to a local boot-fair and you may find some bargains to use to create the?look.

It’s so easy to make marshmallows, and fun to cut them into cute shapes, abutterfly peep of sorts. Add a little colored sugar to give them a holiday touch.

If you want to ensure that your child’s lunch stays cold when it needs to and stays hot on cold days, there’s no better choice than an insulated lunch box. Insulated lunch boxes help keep your child’s food at the appropriate temperature until it’s time to chow down. Nobody likes warm lettuce leaves or cold chicken noodle soup, so an insulated lunch box is a must to keep things safe and delicious.

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