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pillow covers vintage In conversation with interior stylist and author Megan Morton accent pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-01-20 03:29 Views: 163

This season we have collaborated with interior stylist and author Megan Morton, who shares her Three Degrees of Colour with us.We sat down with Megan to speak to her about life as a stylist, her home, and family.

We love your mathematical approach to colour. Talk us through your Three Degrees of Colour theory and how you would implement this in an interior space.1. Accent a little2. Enhance some more3. Immerse yourself in colourA beautiful home works when all the rooms and spaces have a ‘holding palette’, tones that hold them together beautifully. I find this a confident approach that can showcase an otherwise unseen colour. You can then use a little amount in one roompillow covers vintage, be slightly more heavy handed in another and go fuller strength in another without the fear of over-coloring.

pillow cases vintage

What impacts the use of colour and levels of saturation in the home?

Things to consider include the floor and wall tones as well as external elements should the room enjoy windows looking outward. Rooms are never just 4 walls and a roof, they are accesses to other spaces or frames to the outside world. By assessing the room as a 360 degree experience helps you assign a small dose of colour all the way up to an immersive application.

What style advice would you give to someone experimenting with colour for the first time in their home?

Your instinct needs to play a part in its application. Which is why color palettes are such a hard one to copy from a Pinterest image to your own room. Every room and every home decorator really does need to know there own limits with this. Learn to listen to your gorging sensors!

Talk us through how to apply the Three Degrees of Colour theory to multiple colourways such as neutrals, pacific blues and dune.

It works in all tones, just like let’s say eyeshadow application works. Sometimes you only need a little, others more so and some occasions require a lot! Rooms can be their best when you have gently applied a colour palette that is best suited to the rooms mood, tone and usage.

You’re known for your eclectic style. What is your theory behind this?

Mixing elements up is my go-to because it works so beautifully across all price points. I tire of head to toe anything, and find the magic and a beautiful new movement when things are shaken up.

Find the magic and a beautiful new movement when things are shaken up.

Describe your personal aesthetic.

I want to live as beautifully as I can every day. But I do have 3 children, a bird and a busy little household so I take my ‘opportunities’ when they present themselves! Sometimes this is on my bathroom ledge – I have a rail installed for fresh rosemary and flowers to dry while showering. Other times it is a little Friday night effort for the weekend on my bedside and other times it’s as simple as styling up what I call a ‘landscape’ down my dining table. Other times I spend half a day faffing getting no where but everywhere having the best time! Styling is not about shopping, it’s about seeing the best in things and giving them the opportunity to shine among new company.

Describe your perfect weekend.

Lobster rolls, chilled Lilet and my big hat on Redleaf beach with my 3 children and Giles.

What does Australian style mean to you?

We are trailblazers in ‘effortless’, what we get to enjoy and do every day is the envy of the world. I work with this built in intel as someone who grew up in beautiful rural Queensland, and I work to add my own layering to this.

Tell us the 3 things you can’t live without in your home.

1 – Coffee. Even my 6 year old can make one!2 – Steamer. I refuse to iron but love and ironed bed and my boys shirts fresh, so instead of a space wasting ironing board that constantly stays down and unsightly I have a steamer on wheels that sits neatly behind the bathroom door!3 – Arm candy. I dress from the wrists and fingers up and have always adored buying bangles – from el cheapos to investment wrist action I love them all. I just had super stylist and ceramicist Lara Hutton make me ceramic stands for my Top 50 bangles for easy access!

Occasionally, to expand our horizons. we stray from the topics you might expect of Garnet Hill. This article on language was written?by Jeff Sawyer, Managing Editor

Curtains are often the finishing touch in your decor. And with the right combination of color, pattern and texture, the right pair of panels can really set the mood in a room and influence how you and your guests will feel. How you hang your curtains also affects the overall feel, which is an often overlooked detail. So let’s take a look at the different ways how to hang curtains and the considerations that go into choosing your best option.

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