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pillow covers vintage In Conversation with KeepCup Founder, Abigail Forsyth accent pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-01-19 22:48 Views: 67

A leader in the sustainability space, KeepCup Founder Abigail Forsyth discusses the inception of KeepCup and shares simple ways to reduce waste.

How did the concept of KeepCup come about?

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It started in a café; with a simple idea: keep it and use it again.

When my brother and I started a cafe? business in Melbourne in 1998, disposable cups were entering the public landscape; the signifier of a busy professional life and a growing independent coffee scene.

As the business grew, so did our concerns about the volume of packaging being consumedpillow covers vintage, particularly disposable cups; lined with polyethylene, they were non-recyclable.

My moment of clarity was when I was heating the milk in my daughter’s sippy cup one morning. Imagine if I gave her milk in a disposable cup and then discarded it? That idea seemed so wasteful, yet I did it with coffee twice a day! This moment was my call to action.

In 2007, following unsuccessful trials of existing reusable cups, we decided to design and make our own – a barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go.

Since June 2009 we have sold over 10 million KeepCups and users have diverted billions of disposable cups from landfill. We’re now witnessing global change as individuals, businesses and governments commit to going single-use free. We’re excited to be leading the reuse revolution alongside a global movement of changemakers, ushering in this new disposable-free era.

What made you start thinking about living more sustainably?

The apocalyptic future we face through thoughtless consumption, the loss of wild space and the shrinking natural world.

For someone who is just starting out, what are five simple ways to reduce waste?

Buy less stuff

Buy less stuff

Buy less stuff

Buy less stuff

Buy less stuff


Buy less stuff

Plan your weekly meals to reduce food waste

Shop second hand and antique

Shop local

Stop purchasing bottled water and soft drink now


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