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pillow covers vintage DIY Wedding Tip- Make Your Own Scrapbook Paper personalized wedding gifts

Updated: 2020-01-18 15:06 Views: 145

Just a quick tip for you wedding DIY-ers: When doing crafts like banners, place cards, table numberspillow covers vintage, etc. buying fancy scrapbook paper can secretly cost you more than buying the already made decoration! If you need a way to add a little something more without breaking the bank, invest in stamps that match your theme and make your own scrapbook paper.

It seems silly, but a few snowflake stamps added a lot to my DIY banners and dessert table decorations. And I think the stamps only cost me a dollar each. Try out different color combinations and see what blends well together. They even have metallic inks if you like that kind of look. Here's a sneak peak of my cake table banner.

linen pillow covers

My wedding day is coming up soon! I'm gathering the final decorations and wrapping up any last minute details.

Any quick DIY or money-saving tips for this very-soon-to-be bride?? Let me know in the comments below!

Get the DIY after the jump.

Om nom nom!

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