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pillow covers vintage Cheap, but Chic Living Room Makeover Ideas funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-28 15:29 Views: 121

Adopting an eclectic interior design style is a great way to get a cheap, but chic look in your living room. This style isn't merely a hotchpotch of mismatched pieces but a carefully planned and thought-out style, which, although may take a little design flair and creativenesspillow covers vintage, the planning will only cost your time – which of course is 'free'!

Don't be tempted just to buy or replace things because they're cheap. Take your time and make informed decisions as to what needs up-dating, replacing or throwing away.

pillow covers farmhouse

You don't have to have matching sofas and chairs – just as long as there is a common link between each item they can look chic and stylish. Old and new can sit comfortably next to each other and create a very stylish look to your living room.

Change your window dressing with a more modern colour or pattern. Cheap curtains are available in a wide range of styles, design and colours. If they're ready made curtains the new look at your windows will be instantaneous.

As we've seen in other rooms this week rugs can hide a multitude of sins and the same applies to your living room. High traffic areas, such as in front of sofas and chairs can get grubby, stained and threadbare – however, if you want a modern look don't use a small rug in-front of each seating place, instead use large areas rugs as they're far more trendy!

Choose one wall and add pattern to it – if you make it the same wall as your focal point all the better. Wallpaper is back in-vogue and there's lots of wonderful new patterns to choose from.

New table lamps are a great way to add interest to a living room. Use them to create cosy corners for reading or use one large floor or table lamp to light-up a specific area or feature.

Show off the best feature of your living room by using it as your focal point. If you have a fire place then show it off by placing wall art or a large mirror on the chimney breast.

Add new cushions with bright colours for Spring and Summer and use throws to snuggle into when Autumn and Winter arrive.

This can be different surfaces, rough, smooth and also be used in your soft furnishings by using cushions and throws made in a variety of tactile fabrics.

Natural objects are free if you go for a walk – don't pick anything which is endangered or spoil the country side – however, interesting pieces of wood, pebbles and stones can all be used to make stylish accessories.

With so many different ways to decorate a kitchen nowadays, it is often a difficult task to actually think of the different ways in which you can adorn your kitchen and create a wonderful looking cooking area. Aside from the contemporary styles, many people choose a Victorian kitchen which is a wonderful way to add feeling to your kitchen.

Decades ago, clothing, linens and other textiles were anything but easy-care. The fabrics were heavy and cumbersome to clean, took forever to dry, and had more wrinkles than a Shar Pei. This kept housewives, which was just about every wife at the time, pretty busy.

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