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pillow covers vintage 2011 Colour Trends 3- Made With Love funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-26 06:53 Views: 128

Welcome to the third instalment of our 2011 Colour Trend series and to the third colour theme entitled 'Made With Love'. What are your first thoughts? What could be meant by this theme's title? It makes me want to find out more; sounds almost 'cuddly' and I imagine that it will be a timeless palette that you could love for years to come.let us find out shall we?

This theme ties in with crafts and making things (remember your New Year's Resolutions!) It comes from the idea of not only buying and owning things but having your your own input on the items you buy or by making things from scratch; the perfect background for showing off handmade furnishings and personalised crafts.

soft throw pillow covers

There is a growing interest in making things again with knitting clubs and cookery classes being the new social experience; the thought of being more Eco-aware and designs inspired by the simple beauty of nature also make up the driving force behind this colour palette. It is relaxed rather than showy, it is an appreciation for earth's materials and a love for all things we have come to take for granted.

There are three colours that highlight the 'Made With Love' colour theme – a deep warm blue like our oceans, a light grey-brown and a warm violet. Other colours which will be seen for this theme include rich blue-purples/berry shadespillow covers vintage, tawny brown, a light lemon, earthy browns and grey-blues.

This will be a gorgeous palette for dining rooms; especially those with a view of the garden. A grey-blue which represents the sky is used for walls and ceilings. Natural woods and aged furniture take centre stage with a rustic dining table and chairs, a side cabinet painted with a white tint and then sanded down to reveal some of the original wood. Light earthy browns and greys such as our tawny brown and the natural shades of clay and putty are introduced with table décor and simple textiles. Light woods and wicker will keep the room relaxed and fresh; do add a juicy berry colour as an accent – think about wall art or a table runner.

Spa experience bathrooms are changing the way we view our bathrooms. Today the humble bathroom isn't a cold and dingy room that's solely used for washing and bathing – bathrooms have been transformed into havens of peace and tranquillity in which we can relax and unwind at the end of the day, as well as being a place to become invigorated and refreshed in the mornings. As such today's designers have to combine functionality with style.

You are going to LOVE this creepy idea from Creative Contributor Colleen, from! These DIY Creepy Crawly Treat Boxes for Halloween?will have your kiddos screaming with delight! They remind me a bit of my Vintage Spider Halloween Treat Boxes too.?

This easy to make Countdown to Christmas Craft can be used year after year!

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