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pillow covers vintage 2011 Colour Trends 2- Colour Family Trends funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-26 13:22 Views: 179

Great to have you back! Yesterday we revealed the colour of the year, with a light, airy and citrus yellow taking the crown. Not everyone is going to fall in love with this colour though despite its many qualities in home decor; what if your favorite colour is green or red or purple? The good news is that colour trends are not restricted to one colour; each family of colours has its share of trend-setters for 2011.

Let us take a look at the eight colour families and which tones are pushing forward under the theme 'Appreciation'. Reds – In other parts of the world, the key red colour has been crowned 'colour of the year' and you might have already caught wind of this fact. Honeysuckle which is a reddish pink full of vibrancy was chosen for how it can lift the spirits and ward off the blues.

pillow cases linen

This colour is delicious and will be popular in dining spaces but also picking up dull entrance halls with its summery vibe. Oranges – Coral is this year's most celebrated orange; especially the lighterpillow covers vintage, crisper tones. It is in a sense very stimulating and offers an element of surprise; being a colour that is seen less in home decor – until now of course! I think this colour is really fun and will embrace whimsical decor as its own – try it with mid-brown tones and tinted whites.

Optimistic in every sense of the word – our key yellow is also the colour of the year with a light, airy yet zesty undertone. This pale, fizzy yellow is playful and light; it will put an end to many dull interiors as the year gets going. Other yellows that will shine through are those the colour of sunflowers and the more acidic variety will show up once more in accents.

Think of warm mochas and taupe, browns which resemble the natural colours of our earth such as clay, ash and putty! This colour family delivers a refined and sophisticated edge to décor and the key colours are also considered to be timeless classics.

We have our bright with this year's green – a blue empowered emerald green that is somewhere between our natural world and one of fantasy; a little will go a long way! There are more subtle shades of grey-green that are inspired by all things botanical and relate to the ever growing conscious of preserving our environment.

Peacock blue will reign supreme this year and peacock décor will have its day too! The colour is quite royal and lush; it pairs well with this year's greens, cool greys and deep purples. Another blue which will become a big hit this year is a deep blue the shade of denim – sophisticated and the perfect partner to our warm neutrals.

We head towards deeper shades of purple this year such as blackberry and damson. It is another sophisticated colour to play with and has both intelligent and cultural qualities. In general, the purples are more 'blue' than 'red' this year which makes them a better backdrop for accent brights. Lavender is here to stay too with its timeless presence in rooms of relaxation.

Grey just got a lot lighter and the palest of greys is given a blue tint for a fresh and delicate shade. Blue-greys are in and it would seem that the darker, more graphite grey is going out. Happy times – start updating your home with textiles such as light grey rugs and lighten up your sofa with cushions and throws.

How many times have you walked past the Lego aisle in thelocal shop and looked at the Lego City theme?

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