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custom wedding gifts personalised outdoor cushion covers Sheet Thread Count Guide - How to Figure Out Your Perfect Number

Updated: 2019-09-24 00:03 Views: 184

Are you trying to decide on your next sheet purchase but thread counts have you mystified? Understanding some basics about how fabrics are made will help you compare labels wisely and make a smart choice.

When sheets are manufactured, they are woven on an industrial loom. Fibers are ran vertically, called the “warp”, and horizontally, called the “weft”. The number of fibers used in the warp and weft are essentially what is being calculated in the total thread count. The tread count of a given set of sheets is usually determined by the?number of threads in a square inch?of the sheet in the weaving process.

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The conventional wisdom is that the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the sheets. Sheets have been marketed this way for decadescustom wedding gifts, and most people will opt for higher thread count when seeking durable and long-lasting sheets.

While higher thread count can certainly reveal something about the quality of the sheets you’re purchasing,?thread count isn’t the end-all be-all feature. No matter how high the thread count is of a given set of sheets, if it’s not made with quality fibers to begin with - higher thread count won’t matter. In fact, sometimes thread count is artificially inflated by using cheaper quality fibers. You might actually be getting lower quality sheets if you opt for a higher thread count! Low quality sheets with a high thread count are going to be more uncomfortable than a low thread count sheet with high-quality fibers.

Thread counts above 600 are potentially misleading, because manufacturers often count every strand of fiber in this figure?rather than actual woven threads. So when you’re shopping for sheets, you won’t necessarily want to automatically go for the highest thread count set.

A good rule of thumb when purchasing sheets is to go with a?minimum thread count of 200.?Sheets with a thread count?between 200-400?are your safest bet. This ensures that the sheets will be woven well and be durable. Once you’ve established that the thread count is in this ballpark, then take other factors into account. Look for sheets that are woven with good quality fibers and have other desirable features like being wrinkle-free, non-pilling, and breathable.

Ultimately, the type of fiber and weave of your sheets is just as important as thread count. If you find sheets crafted with high quality materials, they will have that luxurious, high thread count feel. The brushed?PeachSkin finish?is what gives our fabric a natural softness that parallels 1500 thread count cotton. But since our fabric is an athletic grade microfiber, it’s actually measured in GSM (grams per square meter). ?Our sheets are a minimum of 90 GSM, which allows for many great features - extreme softness, durability, performance moisture management, breathability, zero shrinkage and wrinkle release.?Visit our website today?to learn more about our sheets!

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