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custom wedding gifts The Block NZ- Jo & Damo New Nordic cover challenge - sofa pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-24 15:47 Views: 56

This creative couple teamed pale wood with pared-back tones for a simply stunning Scandi look.

Starting point: We supplied Jo and Damo with a white ottoman from Republic Home and a Hans J. Wegner Wishbone chair from Cult Design, plus their walls were painted in Dulux Colours of NZ ‘Franz Josef’. All other items were sourced by the couple from Freedom and Junk &; Disorderly.

accent pillow case baby floor

Alex’s top tips to get the look:

? Get your Scandi on! The Nordic look is very hot right now and I’m seeing a heavy influence on product, lighting and furniture design in shops and online. It’s been a look that has been skirting around the perimeter of design for some time but now it’s come to the forefront to be totally embraced. Think monochromatic styling, natural elements and pared backcustom wedding gifts, simple design.

? The colour palette for this look is pretty simple. Black, white with tones of grey, charcoal and nearly whites. The key to using these colours is to feature them in textures to give the space some depth and interest. Choose rugs, floor mats, cushions and furnishings in natural fibres such as cotton, linen, wool, leather and fur. Without these textures, it would be too close to the world of minimalism.

? Invest in a well-designed piece of furniture. There’s a reason why designer pieces cost more than replicas and it’s simply because it’s well designed, immaculately constructed and it will last a lifetime – or many more!

? Don’t forget to add personal touches to the space. Collections, photographs and treasured objects will be the difference between show room and home. I would much rather live in the latter.

Words by: Alex FultonPhotography by: Todd EyreInterior Design by: Jo and Damo Neal

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