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custom wedding gifts Summer daydreaming with Pia Miller, Olive Cooke and Tanja Gacic accent pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-02-26 18:34 Views: 108

With beautiful beach days fast approaching, we took a trip down memory lane with some of our summer loving locals.

Chilean born model and actress, Pia Miller who now resides in Australia, makes the most of the eastern and northerncoastlinesof Sydney – where beautiful beaches and sunshine are aplenty.

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With beach days coming to a near, what are your essentials for a day in the sun?

50 sunscreen is a must, a summer hat, beach towel and great bikini are a few of my staples.

Describe for us your favourite way to spend a summer’s day?

Hanging down at the beach with my boys then coming home to a friendly BBQ with family, friends and the neighbours.

Where’s your local swimming spot?

Some of my favourite local spots would be – Gordons Baycustom wedding gifts, Coogee beach and definitely further up north like Avalon or Palmy.

Seaview Beach Towel

Whether it’sa European summer or exploring our native coastline in Australia, Olive Cooke knows a thing or two about spending a day seaside.

Now that the weather is warming up, beach days are upon us, what are your essentials for a day in the sun?

Well for starters you need the ultimate beach towel, sunscreen, swimmers, lots of water and of course, special peopleto share it with.

Do you have any childhood memories of days at the beach?

Our entirechildhood was based around the coast, fromdown southroad trips, learning to surf, fishing,snorkelling &; shell collecting and of course our family swim onChristmas morning.

Where’s your local swimming spot?

Feeling very lucky to say my local right now is The Pass in Byron Bay New South Wales.

Since you spendso much time seaside, what are the key qualities you look for in a beach towel?

Well a fewthingsareimportant…I am allaboutnaturalfibreswhen it comes to towels, preferably 0 Cotton, a summery colour and as big as possible. I love that I can becompletelyhonest when I saySheridan has ticked every box for me in finding the perfect beach towel.

Seaview Beach Towel

Sydney based blogger, writer, stylist, photographer and creative director, Tanja Gacic of My Empirical Life was born in Croatia, so being seaside is in her roots.

What are your ultimate beach essentials?

My essentials are a good book or mag, fun sunglasses, organic sunscreen, a hat and an ice cold kombucha. I also love wearing a kimono or house gown to the beach, because if I start burning, I can quickly cocoon my whole body.

What nostalgic memories as a child come to mind when you think of the beach?

I spent most of my childhood in the water, always competing who could dive deeper or longer, do the best jumps or get the prettiest seashell. I loved fishing with my father too – I did not like just lying around the beach like I do now!

Where’s your local swimming spot?

I’ve just moved so my local spot is now Tamarama, where this photo was taken. It’s apparently the most dangerous beach in NSW so I will have to get my bearings on swimming around rips. Or just stay on dry land and get a tan!


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