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custom wedding gifts Q & A With Sonu And Jasleen From Fashion Bombay pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-12-03 04:46 Views: 94

canvas throw pillow covers

Anyone who is remotely interested in the world of fashion and blogging would know about Sonu Bohra and Jasleen Kaur Gupta. They are the quirky minds behind the popular blog Fashion-Bombay and it’s safe to assume that for them dressing impeccably no matter the occasion, is as normal as eating breakfast for us. We caught up with them to ask about their style preferences, their favorite fashion items and how they manage to stay so stylish all the time!

1.????? Tell us a bit about yourselves. How did you?two?become bloggers?

FB: We both are ex journalists and met at our former workplace at The Times of India. Sonu worked on the city beat with the Downtown Plus while I worked as the Assistant Editor for iDiva but I mostly did all the fashion writing there. Sonu and I came together to just do something because we were the only two mad people dressed every day at work. Fashion brought us together. We started as freelance stylists for various publications; the blog was merely a place to showcase our styling portfolio. It soon developed into an outfit blog and here we are today.

2.????? What’s?was?your inspiration behind creating?Fashion Bombay?

FB: We are both shopaholics and have always loved dressing up. However, we realized that our only fashion education was magazines and gorgeous models. We being real women truly felt that gap. We as curvy women wanted to fill that void and be in a space where we can discuss and share this passion for fashion with the world at large.

3.????? Isn’t it really?difficult?to stay fashionable all the time??

FB: To be honest we do feel the pressure sometimes because we feel people expect that out of us. However, since we anyway love to dress upcustom wedding gifts, we manage to do it. When we are at home we have plenty of time to unwind.

4.????? What’s the best style advice you ever received?

FB: Not on specific advice but we have learnt some lessons over the years. Like when to say ‘;no’; to going over the top and just adding things to your outfit or breaking fashion rules sometimes and not being too affected by what people have to say.

5.????? As style and fashion writers, if you had to give one most crucial fashion tip to your readers, what would it be?

FB: The best advice is to simply imbibe the dress up culture.?There is no harm in looking your best always. Most Indian women leave dressing up for weekends, weddings or parties. That has to change.

6.????? Would you consider blogging a full time profession? What advice would you like to people who would like to do, what you do?

FB: For us blogging is our bread and butter. For people who want to take this unusual job option, you need patience, passion and perseverance. There have been days when Sonu and I had 300 rupees in our bank accounts but we didn’t give up and that are the key.

?7.????? If you had to invest in one crucial fashion item?(no limit on budget), what would it be? And why?

FB: For both of us, it would have to be a bag. Your accessories really make or break your look. The simplest jeans and shirt can be elevated to a whole new level with a rich bag. Swipe some red lipstick, throw on mojris but your bag will take your look up so many notches.

?8.????? Who do you take style inspirations from?

FB: Watching fashion shows, designer collections, international blogs, you start to subconsciously imbibe style in your own wardrobe and it also gives you ideas to innovate.

9.????? Do you like shopping from Pepperfry??What are some of favorite items from the site?

FB: Hands down it is the bags. I have purchased one from the Pepperfry brand and so many people have asked me where it is from.

10.????? Lastly,?shopping online versus shopping at a mall? What do you prefer more?

FB: Nowadays thanks to COD we always shop online for makeup and accessories but when it comes to clothes, we still like to touch, feel and try before making the purchase.

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