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custom wedding gifts In conversation with Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning accent pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-01-20 11:12 Views: 195

To prepare for the summer to come, we spoke to Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning - co-founders of lifestyle clothing brand P.E Nation - to find out what summer is all about for them.

In celebration of summer and thelaunch of your new collection, tell us about the event you held?

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Pip: We invited a bunch of our favouriteSydney beach babesto Palm Beach. We picked them up in Jeep Wranglers then hit the water for a stand up paddle boardsessionthen had a delicious (and relaxed) picnic lunchby the beachbefore making our way backto the city. It was a casual, fun,easy-going morningto celebrate the startofsummer and the launch of our new swim collection.

What are some of yourfavouriteways to celebrate over summer?

Claire:Long lunchescustom wedding gifts, long beach sessions, long naps.

How does your style vary for the warmer months to come?

Claire:More effortless and a lot more luxurious, I start to wear a lot of French linen.

Being an activewear brand, what are your favourite ways to sweat?

Pip: Claire and I are both obsessed with pilates and I like to throw in soft sand runs and boxing sessions too.

With endless beach days coming to a near, what are your essentials for a day by the ocean?

Claire:P.E Nation Back Paddle Bikini,Sheridan Beach Towel (it is such a great size!),P.E Nation Sometimes We Walk Cap, sparkling water, sunscreen, a linen dress from Mamapapa(a great little store in Avalon) and lots of snacks for the kids.

What health rituals do you follow in the lead up to the changing season?

Pip: Both Claire and I advocate a healthy balancedlifestyle so our day to day doesn’t change too much with the warmer weather. We try to eat as best we can, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, drink lots of water and get active daily.

What’s your favourite thing about summer?

Both: The sun, the warmth, the beach, everything really!!!


Hey everybody,

My definition of spring cleaning is a bit different than theusual intention. I can’t bare to think about washing and ironing my drapes {thought I know they’re due} or wiping down baseboards, but I do love a good organization project. I have Chris to thank for this one. He knows my Type A personality can’t take a mess and has vowed to organize each kids closet, one by one.Organizing a kids closet isn’t quite as straightforward as ours – they’re needs change far more quickly than I’d like. It seems like just yesterday I created a dress up closet for Adalyn. Then we moved into our new home and filled it with toys. Now, she’s into arts and crafts and after celebrating Christmas and her birthday, her closet is overflowing.For reference, the photobelowiswhat the closet looked like before {from Isla’s before bedroomphotos}. We painted the doors, frame and interior of the closet and updated the hardware.

From the technical point of view we see occasional misconception when the machine does not sew correctly and statements such as “the machine will not pick up the stitch” ,” the timing is off” etc. might be true but can also be far from an actual machine problem. Remember quality machines are designed to stay in timing and balance, having a timing issue is rarely the case.

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