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custom wedding gifts Graffiti’s Long Lineage Welcomes You In geometric cushion covers

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The Estate of Brassai

At our Instagram SignLaboratory, we post a lot of graffiti: messages scribbled by valiant, expressive, anonymous souls as they move around the city. It is a fine practice: seizing a moment to scratch a subversive message. They are, more often than notcustom wedding gifts,?uplifting.

yellow throw pillows

We hadn’;t thought of the lineage of graffiti until a friend showed us Brassa? Graffiti,a book of images the great photographer started making in the 1930’;s of messages ?etched and carved in walls around France, gradually reworked, revised over time using other mostly crude media.

Estate of Brassai

He was smitten with it.

The Estate of Brassai

The practice of making graffiti is, in truth, ancient. This animal carved into a wall of the?Kom Ombo temple in Egypt c. 180 BC ?echoes the one Brassai found, above.

A?graffito?caricature of a politician found on a wall in ancient Pompeii makes us realize little has changed in the art of being human.


We can’;t help seeing the cave paintings of Altamira and Lascaux as graffiti that proclaim “;I am here!”;

Leticia Gaedon Bradford

Graffiti can be elaborate and carefully plotted, like the work of Banksy…;


…;or as simple as this tiny poweful message written on rusty gate…;

Sally Schneider

No matter how modest, graffiti is always an act of liberation and VOICE?as we discovered the day we picked up a Sharpie found in the park, and wrote our first message (it’;s still there, 6 months later)…;

Sally Schneider

We recommend carrying a marker,?a piece of chalk, a favorite sticker…; as you go about your day, to write a message, a word of encouragement or outrage or hope…;

The Estate of Brassai

…;and see what happens…;

The one year Anniversary is an achievement that you’ve made it so far and it’s a sign that you will continue till ages. Traditionally it is also known as “Paper Anniversary”. It’s a perfect opportunity to let each other know about your love and affection. While you can convey your feelings verbally, you can say it more romantically with a perfect first anniversary gift. If you are thinking of what to get your spouse for your first anniversary? Do not worry! Here is a list of some great anniversary gift ideas that you can present to your better half. But, before that let us provide a brief about 1st year anniversary.

When we visited Ebay’s Toytopia toy fair in Chelsea Market the first thing that caught our eye was this interactive TRex (and the kids who couldn’t put him down). He may not hatch out of a large speckled egg, but this adorable baby dino responds to kids who feed or wave at him with 35 distinct sounds and movements.

Fall feels like it is slipping away quickly. ?There is only a little over a month left for making Halloween costumes (who am I kidding…I usually procrastinate anyway). ?Last year I whipped up two homemade costumes, a baby owl and a spider. ?I still have a soft spot in my heart for this baby owl costume. ?I thought long and hard about what the baby’s first costume would be and how to workaround his CranioCap helmet (treatment for flat spot on his head caused by torticollis). ? Finally, I was inspired by this last minute kids owl costume…leading me to work with (not around) the helmet.

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