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Updated: 2020-03-08 14:28 Views: 143

Have you entered my random little GIVEAWAY of sewing/crafting supplies?? I really had a lot of? fun grabbing a few extra things while shopping at Joann’;s the other day.? And now, 3 of you will win some loot! (anyone can enter, from any country!) -Ashley

. . . . .

canvas throw pillow covers

Remember how I sew a few projects for the Bernina, We All Sew site, now and then?

Oh, wait, you forgot??

Well…;…;here are some of the projects I have sewn for them.? And YEScustom wedding gifts, I love my Bernina machines.? (And no, I’;m not paid to say that…;…;I have adored Bernina machines since I took a basic sewing class in college and sewed on one, over 10 years ago. I’;ve been in love ever since.)

(Monster Pillow, Pacifier Pocket, Ruffled Scarf, Autumn Hanger, Owl Pillow, Scrap-Pieced Belt)

For the past while, Bernina has lent me their Bernina 580 (embroidery/sewing) machine to play around with…;..and it’;s a work horse.? It’;s like a crossover machine that does regular sewing, plus embroidery.? It is a rockin’; cool machine.? So, I have been having fun tinkering around with the embroidery function and made this Fabric Mail Organizer a while ago.

And most recently, I added some embroidery designs to some fabric coasters. LOVE how easy it turned out to be.? (Yeah, when you have a machine that does all the work, it turns out easy!)

Simple and pretty.? And these snowflakes make me actually enjoy the snow that’;s outside. :)

I know not everyone has an embroidery machine at home, so if you don’;t, think of how cute these coasters would be with some appliques on them.?

Here are a few times where I have appliqued fabric onto fabric.? If you haven’;t tried it already, applique is a fun technique to play around with. (Click on the links below the images, for more help.)

Ballet Shoe Applique, Knit Receiving Blanket, Baseball Style Tee

Just think…;…;you could have some coasters ready to be used for different seasons of the year.?

Or bundle them up, add some cool mugs, and give them away as a great little handmade gift.

I sort of love how they add a little bit of love to my cocoa mugs.? But when summer comes around, they’;ll catch all the moisture from my tall glasses of iced lemonade. (can you feel it? summer is not too far off!)

And because I made these for Bernina, you’;ll have to go HERE to view the full (and free) tutorial.

Now, don’;t be shy…;…;.whip up several different sets.? And give a few away.?

But be sure to keep some for yourself! :)



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