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custom wedding gifts DIY Wildflower Bouquet Tutorial personalized wedding gifts

Updated: 2020-01-18 01:15 Views: 74

The wildflower trend really lends itself to DIY’ers! The loose, uneven wildflower shape makes the look pretty easy to arrange. Don’t force a perfected shape and voila! The secret here though, is the wholesale wildflower pack from There is an entire line of wildflower packs available in all different colors that make it super simple for you to achieve that outdoorsy, naturalcustom wedding gifts, field to bouquet look.

Step by step tutorial for a DIY wildflower bouquet.

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Ordering wholesale flowers, receive your fresh cut flower 2 days before the wedding. On the day of arrival hydrate the flowers and prepare them for arrangements. The day before the wedding make bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements. Make sure you make the arrangements at the location or have a plan for transportation to the venue.

First, to start arranging, select 2-5 flowers to make the center of the bouquet. Use the floral stem wrap to secure the stems together. Stem wrap is a special floral tape that sticks to itself when pulled tight, making it very easy to secure stems, just simply pull tight and wrap around the stems. Add just a couple flowers at a time to build on the center you started, once again, securing the new additions with floral tape.

Once you are happy with the shape and size it’s time to use your final layer of stem wrap. Then cut all the flower stems to the same length.

Grab your washi tap (so many different fun kinds out there), ribbon, or lace and start to wrap it around all the stems of the bouquet. You need to be careful with certain patterns of tape as some can be opaque. You will either need to wrap the tape around in multiple layers or choose a dark pattern.

Now your bouquet is ready to hit the aisle. Make smaller versions for bridesmaids and put the remainder of flowers in bottle vases or mason jars to complete your wildflower look. What other ideas do you have for this combination of wholesale flowers?

All DIY Wildflower Bouquet photos and tutorial are featured courtesy of Blooms By The Box, one of our fabulous sponsors!

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