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custom wedding gifts DIY White Board- Wedding Organization personalized wedding gifts

Updated: 2020-01-18 11:49 Views: 180

Ok, I have to take a second to brag on my daddy (and my mom) ?for just a second, which thankfully segue's into a great DIY for keeping yourself organized. See, my loving parents have been so great throughout this whole process. In factcustom wedding gifts, they have been better than any kind of Calendar or wedding planning app. ?Who needs a count down widget when my dad reminds me “;What is your deadline for the roses, you only have 70 days before your wedding?”; After a really long day at work, I discovered my wedding area had been rearranged and some fun and creative motivations were there for me, namely this awesome new white board:

Photo Credit: Me ??

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This white board cost about $6 to make and it is super cute. I had picked up the window frame at a flea market for a project a year or so ago. ?My mom had seen on Pinterest (insert shocked gasp here) using a picture frame with a white backing to make a message board. ?With a little improvisation, my Wedding To Do List White Board was created.

For this project, all you need is the following:

Because it has three?panes, we were able to make a couple?columns?without worrying about it looking neat, which is a nice feature.

Anyway, shout out to my dad for helping me stay?organized?and to my mom for her Pinterest stalking ??

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