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custom wedding gifts 5 fun Summer Projects to tackle this weekend! customized baby gifts

Updated: 2020-03-04 11:36 Views: 180

We got home this week from a 3 week-long road trip (I think I may have mentioned that already, I feel like I’;m starting to sound like a broken record *wink*). Now that we are home, summer has finally settled in at our house. ?Along with it has come lazy dayscustom wedding gifts, hot humid air, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and an overall feeling of laziness. If it would ever stop raining that feeling would be amplified by the smell of sunscreen and chlorine. ?Our recent rainy weather has given us an “;extra”; excuse to lay around the house all day (like we need more than one excuse? to do that*wink*)…; ?I’;m not saying that like it’;s a bad thing. A little down time every once in a while is good for the soul.

(pineapple quilt by Jedi Craft Girl and A Little Bit Biased –; keep reading for more details)

sofa pillow covers

Personally I have my “;to do”; list of projects to finish for the blog, patterns to write and emails to answer. ?I’;m slowly chugging through it. School may be out for summer but I’;m still hard at work. ?In order to “;capture”; a bit of summer for myself (and not spend the whole thing working on projects with deadlines) I’;ve started a “;mental list”; of a few things that I’;d like to tackle ‘;just for fun’;. ?I adore summer sewing (and crafting) and don’;t want to let this one pass me by without completing a few fun projects.

Here are a few things I’;ve spied on the web and have “;had my eye”; on this month, each of them would make fun summer projects. I thought you might like to hear about a few of them too.

ONE: Lori Holt Star Pillow

Lori Holt is amazing. If you haven’;t stopped by her blog you should. ?She makes the most fun quilts full of creative shapes and happy colors. She just posted a free tutorial for this summer star pillow.

TWO: Cozy Hooded Bath Towel –; A Beautiful Mess

I’;ve got “;cute”; on my brain this month. ?I think a visit with my nieces and nephews earlier this month has brought it out in me. ?This hooded bath towel would be just as adorble by the side of the pool as it is by the tub.

THREE: Summer Peony Wreath –; Tatertots &; Jello

My front door is BARE. It’;s embarrassing. Last Christmas our puppy decided to “;eat”; whatever we hung on the front door and ruined a favorite wreath. ?Now that he’;s older, I’;m thinking that he might be “;cured”; of the desire to constantly attack the front door (and anything attached to it). ?There is only one way to find out- ?? –;??This Summer Wreath from Tatertots &; Jello is so cute that it may just pull me out of my “;wreath aversion”; phase.

FOUR: Pineapple Quilt –; A Quilting Life

FIVE: Pineapple Quilt- Jedi Craft Girl

Every summer I SWEAR I’;m going to make a pineapple quilt. Those quilt blocks are just too DANG cute! ?There are a few versions floating around online right now. These are two of my favorites (both are free patterns). Click through to find out more about each project.

I’;ve also pulled up a few projects from the archives. Just in case you’;re still looking for a few fun Summer DIY projects to add to your “;weekend”; list.

Splash Proof Phone Case Tutorial

Summery Stenciled Pillow Sleeve Tutorial

Summer Backpack Sewing Pattern

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