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custom wedding gifts 2011 Colour Trends 4- Pop Up Pleasure funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-26 07:33 Views: 131

Today we are taking a look at the fourth colour theme that will show up in 2011 home decorating trends and I find that the title alone is quite exciting! Pop Up Pleasure sounds like a lot of fun with the innocence of a child; I expect lots of magic where colour is involved and the chance to play with whimsical décor and fresh looks. Below, we reveal the idea behind this theme, the most important colours and a few tips for introducing this colour palette into your home décor.

With this theme, the aim was to have a fresh colour palette for the home with the use of sherbet pastelscustom wedding gifts, white tints and a playful brown. The idea is to have a clean background to décor but not one that is overly sterilised which is why tints are favoured over an extreme white.

linen pillow covers

These colours have an element of surprise, of creativity and whimsy. Where used in textiles and furniture, the expressive colours make the usual home-wares more magical in their otherwise ordinary existence. Once again, this theme stems from 'Appreciation' and finding joy in everyday things.

The four dominating colours in this palette are a flamingo pink, a light lemon, a light tawny brown and a number of almost white tints. Other hues that work this colour theme include a light shade of orange-pink, a light shade of grey-brown, a liberty blue, jade, fresh blues, and a rich woodland green.

This colour palette isn't just for the kids though! In a lounge, use a tawny brown for the walls and paint a wide horizontal band around the room with a fresh blue or green (around shoulder height). Pick up on this colour again with a graphic print sofa or upholstery on a solitary armchair. For more of a grown-up feel, choose sugary bright fabrics such as silk cushions and throws or a chic chenille throw. Sophistication comes in with a dark wood floor and simple black and white photography for the walls.

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