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30 Creative And Crafty Ways To Repurpose Old Bed Sheets

Updated: 2019-07-24 01:22 Views: 139

We’ve all got those sheets – you know, the ones that you just don’t use anymore but you just don’t know what to do with them. My bathroom storage closet is filled with sheets that don’t even fit any of our beds anymore. I just really hate to throw things out, which is why I am so glad I ran across these 30 creative ways to repurpose those old sheets. Even if you don’t have a collection of sheets that you want to repurpose, you can buy them at flea markets and the like for less than a dollar each in many cases. You know, in case you fall in love with some of these projects and just have to make them for yourself!

I love any project that lets me repurpose something that is otherwise useless. Those ripped or faded sheets may not be perfect for making the bed any longer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them useful. Just check out these 30 frugal ways to repurpose mismatched socks. There is always something that you can create from things that would otherwise be thrown away. That’s what makes repurposing so much fun. It’s like constant trash to treasure!

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Seriously some of the creativity in these projects just blew me away. Did you know that you could use an old sheet to make a dog toy? How about using that old sheet for a great bathroom rug? There are so many things that you can do with sheets – they are after all just large pieces of fabric so you could do just about anything with them that you would do with yards of fabric that you buy at the store. You can also cut those sheets up into fabric scraps and use them on any of these 100 projects to upcycle leftover fabric.

So, now that you know there are loads of things that you can repurpose those old sheets into, let’s take a look at specific projects that you can do. Whether you’re looking for a new hammock, a crib mobile, or even a new set of curtains, we’ll take those sheets and turn them into amazing household items. I hope you’re as excited about these projects as I am!

Table of Contents

If you have a baby on the way, or know someone who does, you can repurpose those old colorful sheets into this amazing crib mobile. The mobile hangs from an embroidery hoop and while it does require a bit of sewingcustom wedding gifts, the end result is gorgeous and so colorful – depending of course on what sheets you are using. This would be a great idea for old crib sheets too – you could make your mobile character themed!

Source/Tutorial: sewshesews

You can easily turn an old sheet into this fun braided dog toy, which your little pooch will love. You just cut the sheet into strips and then braid several strips together at once. This is much easier than it sounds and you end up with a wonderful toy that is strong enough for your doggie to chew on and pull without tearing it up. If you have more than one dog, use a couple of sheets and make them all a handmade dog toy!

Source/Tutorial: instructables

Turn those old sheets – especially the great print ones – into these amazingly simple to create pajama pants. When you don’t really feel like getting out of bed, you can literally take the bed with you. Sheets are so comfortable and lightweight, which is what makes them perfect for creating these great pajama pants. You don’t really even need a pattern – although you could use one if you wanted. These are really easy to make and are perfect for the entire family.

Source/Tutorial: duckyhouse

You can turn a couple of twin sheets into beautiful curtains with just a few additional supplies and about an hour or so of time. If you just can’t find the curtains that you want to match your bedding, but you have sheets in the right color, turn those sheets into the curtains that you need. This is also an excellent way to get some great themed curtains for kids’ rooms from old sheets that have designs or characters that may not be available any longer.

Source/Tutorial: designertrapped

This easy to DIY teepee will be the highpoint of your kids’ rooms. You can use it to give them their own space for creating or reading or just build it in the toy room for when they play together. It’s a really easy project and won’t cost much at all if you have a few key supplies on hand, including that old sheet.

Source/Tutorial: placeofmytaste

I love this headband – not only is it chunky, which is my favorite type of headband, it’s decorated with an old sheet. You can do this by simply cutting your sheet fabric and using fabric glue to hold it over a large headband. This is such a unique look and if you don’t really want to DIY the look, you can get this one on Etsy. The scraps are sewn on to make them really sturdy.


You can use up old sheets and give your gifts a little extra touch when you use that fabric for gift wrap. This is a great way to give all of your gifts a little country touch, too. You can either cut scraps from your sheets and give gifts a quilted look with different designs or wrap them in a larger piece of fabric and tie off with a burlap bow or ribbon. There are so many ways that you can incorporate old sheets into your gift giving!

Source/Tutorial: sustainablebabysteps

You know those old metal hangers – the ones that get rusty after a bit and tend to warp and bend? Did you know that you can cover those hangers in fabric? Not only is this a great way to put those old sheets to use, it’s also a wonderful way to protect your clothing from rust and to keep your hangers functional for a much longer period of time. Just cut your sheets into strips and then wrap those strips around your hangers.

Source/Tutorial: corrieberrypie

Those colorful and floral designed old sheets would make the most beautiful bracelets, don’t you think? You can turn those sheets into the most wonderful bangles and this is a quick and easy project – and one that would make a wonderful gift for someone special. Just take those plastic bangles that you can get from the Dollar Store (for less than a dollar each in most cases) and cover them with strips that you cut from your sheets. Glue them in place with fabric glue and you’re making your very own fashion statement.

Source/Tutorial: sadieseasongoods

Laundry is definitely not my favorite household chore. It’s not even second on the list, but it is something that needs to be done – daily in my house. I really love this DIY laundry bag, that would make doing laundry so much easier. You can make one of these for every bedroom in the house – from an old sheet – and then just carry that bag to the laundry room as you do laundry from each bedroom. It can hang on the back of the door so it’s out of the way, too.

Source/Tutorial: momtastic

If you love to quilt – or even if you’ve never done it before – you can turn those old sheets into a beautiful rustic quilt. Just cut the sheets into squares and mix and match all you want to make your own design. This is why I love quilting. No design is wrong and you can make each quilt unique. If you have an upcoming wedding or baby shower, a quilt is a wonderful gift and you can use those old sheets to make it!

Turn a lovely floral or otherwise light colored sheet into a cool and sleek dress that is perfect for spring. Take your favorite spring dress pattern and then just use an old sheet for the material. If you already have a pattern and you already have a sheet to use, you can make your own gorgeous little dress for spring and it won’t cost you a penny. Plus, the lightweight material of the sheet is perfect for warmer weather.

Source/Tutorial: trevorlovesmommy

Those old sheets combined with a few embroidery hoops and some imagination will give you stunning décor for any bedroom. I love this idea for the nursery. You just put pieces of your sheets inside the embroidery hoops to display them. It’s perfect if you have some themed or character based sheets or you can actually embroidery names or anything else on the sheets – they’re in the hoop after all.

Source/Tutorial: projectnursery

Summer is nearly here and that means kids outside playing – which we parents generally love, right? You do however, have to make sure that your little ones are safe from sunburn, which is where these fun DIY tents made from sheets can come in. Not only will they keep the sun away, they’re super fun for kids to play in. You use a plastic hula hoop, which you can get from the Dollar Store for under $5, and then just drape a sheet across it. It’s so easy to make and kids will have hours of fun playing in their little hideaways.

Source/Tutorial: alannageorge

I love the look of this little dresser. If you’ve got a dresser to redo, or you just want something really different for a nursery or kid’s room, using those old sheets to redo the dresser is a wonderful idea. Just cut the sheets into large strips to fit the front of your drawers and then use glue and Mod Podge to hold everything together. This is a great look for a baby’s room or anywhere that you want to add a little uniqueness.

Source/Tutorial: underconstructionblog

Turn those unused sheets into useful pillow cases or shams. Making a pillow case is relatively easy and you can even dress it up a bit to create shams for your bed pillows or throw pillows for the couch. One sheet can make at least two pillow cases depending on the size that you need. This is a fairly quick project and if you’re like me, you have way more sheets than you do pillow cases, so this is a really useful project.

Source/Tutorial: justquilty

Do you keep grocery bags? I do – they come in so handy for everything from small trash cans to toting things out to the car for long trips. Of course, you don’t want those plastic bags just falling out of the cabinet every time you open the door. Enter the sheet. You can make a great holder for those plastic bags, and one that hangs so you always have those bags out of the way but within easy reach.

Source/Tutorial: hearthandmadeuk

This is probably my favorite way to repurpose old sheets. Turn them into this amazing rag rug. You have to rip the sheets into strips and then you use those strips, and a rather large crochet hook, to crochet your rag rug together. This rug has such a nice vintage look to it and it’s pretty easy to crochet, even if you don’t have much practice. It’s perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, or anywhere you want to show off your handiwork.

Source/Tutorial: sustainablebabysteps

Those old patterned sheets would make beautiful napkins for your dinner table. This is a great project for beginning sewers and would be perfect if you need a quick and unique housewarming gift for someone. You just cut the napkins to size and then sew along the edges to give them a nice finish. It’s really very simple and a wonderful way to get custom napkins if you need them.

Source/Tutorial: designsponge

Turn those old sheets into an adorable and very functional apron. You can do the entire apron from one sheet or really customize it by using fabric from different sheets to give it a great old-fashioned country look. Mix and match your patterned and solid sheets to make something really gorgeous and you can even give it a nice little ruffle at the bottom. This is also a pretty easy project for beginning sewers or if you just need a unique gift for someone special.

Source/Tutorial: crazylittleprojects

Your little doggie will love the idea of turning an old sheet into a comfy warm bed for him. This is also a wonderful way to make sure that your dog’s bed is safe – so many manufactured beds contain harmful chemicals and other agents that just aren’t good for your little pooch. When you make the bed yourself, you know exactly what’s being used and if you have an old sheet on hand, you can work this one up in about an hour or so.

Source/Tutorial: petcarerx

If you want to keep that sheet on the bed, you can use it to make ruffles on another sheet. This is great if you don’t really like having to make your bed around a dust ruffle. The dust ruffle is sewn right in to the fitted sheet. This is a relatively easy project, even if you’re not an avid sewing fan, and looks beautiful when it’s finished. Plus, it hides away all that stuff that you want to store under the bed.

Source/Tutorial: renewredo

Sometimes the best ideas are just right in front of you. I absolutely love the idea of covering shelves over with sheets. Not only does it decorate them, it’s much more attractive than shelving paper and it’s such a unique idea. You just fold your sheet pieces around the boards and then glue them in place – use Mod Podge to really set them in. Then hang them up and you’ve got beautifully decorated shelves without worries of all that sticky paper.

Source/Tutorial: emmmylizzzy

Okay, so you don’t have to use a Star Wars sheet for a skirt, but you get the idea. You can turn those cute and whimsical sheets into adorable little skirts for you or your little ones. This is a really easy sewing project and the sheet is lightweight so the skirt is perfect for the upcoming summer months when you don’t want to wear something too heavy. Now if you can just find some Yoda green for a top.

Source/Tutorial: thestylishgeek

It sort of makes sense to turn that sheet into a sheet, right? If you’ve got some larger sheets that you don’t need but you do need smaller sheets, then this is the perfect project. You can easily turn a queen or king sized sheet into a twin sized fitted sheet. You just cut it down to size and sew some elastic around the edges.

Source/Tutorial: mypoppet

Those brightly colored sheets would make a beautiful spring or summer table runner. At the same time, you can use darker shades to make a runner for fall and winter, so if you have several sheets to work with, you can create a table runner for all four seasons. Mix and match the sheet designs and maybe even add in some lace or other material to create a stunning spring table runner that you’re going to love showing off to family and friends.

Source/Tutorial: flamingotoes

It’s so easy to turn a sheet into a tablecloth and you don’t even need to be that great at sewing. Just choose the sheet that you want to use and then cut it down to size and hem it up. This is a great idea for sheets that may be a bit more worn – you can use those as outdoor tablecloths and save your really good ones for indoors.

Source/Tutorial: ilovetocreateblog

Turn that old sheet into a great reusable shopping bag. I really love my shopping bags, and this one is super easy to make. You can use it for trips to the market or even use it as a tote bag when you’re going on trips to the park or beach. Make one out of character themed sheets for the little ones to carry their toys and travel supplies.

Source/Tutorial: craftstylish

If you have a king sized bed, you’ll find that duvet covers can be expensive and some don’t go up to king size. Don’t fret – you can still have a great custom duvet cover if you just make it yourself. You’ll need a couple of flat sheets and a few other supplies. This is a pretty simple sewing project and it’s perfect for beds of all sizes. If you just don’t want to spend all that money buying custom covers, you can easily make your own from a few old sheets.

Source/Tutorial: mypoppet

Make yourself a wonderful hammock for relaxing this summer. Hammocks are also great if you are planning a camping trip and you can easily make one from an old sheet. You’ll also need paracord or another strong cord that will support the weight that is in the hammock. Overall, this is a terribly easy project and one that is sure to bring you hours of relaxation.

Source/Tutorial: practicalprimitive

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