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30 Crafty Ways To Repurpose Old Magazines {Trash to Treasure}

Updated: 2019-07-24 03:14 Views: 176

While organizing the other day, I noticed that I have stacks and stacks of old magazines on hand. I had no idea that my magazine craze had created such a pile and that got me wondering about what to do with those old magazines. I mean, I’ve read them all and taken out the coupons I wanted, so what’s left? Well, I started looking for ways to repurpose them and I found some amazing ideas.

You all know that I’m all about repurposing. Turning trash to treasure may just be the light of my life and I was sure that there was something I could do with my old magazines. Well, I found 30 wonderfully crafty ways to put that stack of magazines to new use! I am so excited to share these ideas with you. There are things in here from jewelry to bags and even a phone cover. No matter how many magazines you have on hand, I am sure that we’ll find a great project for you to put them to good use. Seriously, is there anything that can’t be repurposed? Just look at these great ways to repurpose those old kiddie pools.

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I really do love turning trash to treasure, which is why I adore this collection. From bookmarks to wallpaper – yes magazine wallpaper – you are going to find the perfect use for your stacks of magazines. And, these work with any magazines that you have on hand so whether you have a tower of Cosmopolitan or an old stack of Field and Streamcustom wedding gifts, we’re going to put them to use making such wonderful things for yourself or to give as gifts. And speaking of putting old things to new use, be sure to check out these 25 great bottle cap upcycling projects.

So grab those old magazines and let’s get started. We’re going to make so many wonderful things and you’ll be able to rid your coffee table and magazine rack of those old issues to make room for new ones.

Table of Contents

Anthropologie has some great stuff but it’s not cheap by any means. You can create your own Anthropologie inspired brooch, that you make from magazine clippings. This is a wonderful way to get a beautiful new brooch without spending too much on one from the popular department store. Just cut away the images that you want and secure them onto a pin back. This one in particular has a pop up feature that is beautiful.

Tutorial/Source: wendylynnspaperwhims

My grandmother and I used to make these amazing little Christmas trees from old TV Guides. You can do the same thing with old magazines. You just have to fold the magazine pages down halfway, which creates a Christmas tree shape when you open the magazine completely and tape the two cover pages together. Then just paint with whatever colors you want for your décor and you have beautiful little Christmas trees that won’t cost you anything but a little time.

Tutorial/Source: splishsplashsplatterart marthastewart

This beautiful dish and its lid are both made from magazine pages. This one makes a wonderful gift and one that is so unique. You’ll need some old magazines as well as Mod Podge, a glue gun and a bone folder. The trick is in the coiling and when you’re finished, you are going to absolutely love the look of this unique dish. Oh, and it also has a matching lid so it’s a great candy dish or jewelry holder…whatever you want it to be.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

Turn those old magazines into lovely bookmarks using an easy origami technique. This is a great gift idea for anyone who reads and it gives you so much room for customization. Use gardening magazines to create bookmarks for your favorite gardeners or teen magazines for the teenagers in your house. The origami technique is really easy to follow and you get a bookmark that will attach to the corner of the page, so you never lose your place when reading.

Tutorial/Source: thecheesethief

I love the idea of creating my own ceramic tiles using old magazine pages. Imagine the décor that you could create for your home! These are so easy and you can use different pages with different pictures and designs to get a really unique look in a kitchen or bathroom, or any room for that matter. You just attach the magazine page pictures to plain ceramic tile using Mod Podge and you’re all set.

Tutorial/Source: brit

To make this gorgeous butterfly chain, just cut magazine pages into almond shapes and then fold. Once you have all your butterflies made, pinch them in the middle and tie them all together. These are so great! They’re really easy to make and would be wonderful as party décor.

Tutorial/Source: dezignable

Turn old magazine pages into a beautiful sunburst mirror. This one is great for a gift idea for someone who seems to have everything or you could hang this one in your own home – you’ll want to because it’s just too fascinating! You make it by rolling magazine pages and using those to create a great sunburst effect. This is definitely going to be a conversation piece!

Tutorial/Source: greenyourdecor

If you have a party coming up, these upcycled magazine goody bags are perfect. These would also be great for handing out Halloween candy or just anytime you need a cute little bag to fill with candy. These require some sewing so get your sewing machine ready. They’re pretty easy to make and I love that they’re created with recycled magazine pages!

Tutorial/Source: babyccinokids

Use those old magazine pages to embellish your bobby pins and give your hair a new style. You can do this with children’s magazines to get great pictures or colors for little ones or make a few for yourself with any magazine that you may have on hand. They’re pretty easy – you just roll the magazine pages around the bobby pin essentially. These would be great gifts for someone special, too.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

I love upcycling just about anything and this magazine wreath may just be one of my very favorites. It’s made with a few old magazines and it has such a great, unique look. You’ll need about three magazines to make this one, depending on the thickness of the magazines that you are using. You just cut squares from the pages and roll those squares around a dowel to get the right shape. Then put it all together and wow your neighborhood!

Tutorial/Source: addicted2decorating

Those old magazines will get new life when you turn them into this great accordion style clock. You get the shape by folding your pages accordion style. When you have all of the pages done, just attach them together and then add a clock kit – or you could repurpose an old clock that you already have on hand. This is a really unique clock and it would make a wonderful gift for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion.

Tutorial/Source: lacasadecrafts

Turn those old magazines into beautiful new coasters! You can easily make coasters from the pages by coiling them. Not only does this give you a great new set of coasters, but it helps you to use up those magazines without having to throw them out. You can protect your coasters and make them last longer by giving them a thin coat of shellac or Mod Podge when you’re finished with the coiling.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

Give yourself a repurposing project for those magazines and save some money when you turn your old magazines into gift bags. Gift bags aren’t terribly expensive, but if you have to purchase several a year, then this little project will help you to save a lot of money. You can also customize your gift bag to your recipient when you make it yourself and this is a really simple project.

Tutorial/Source: lifewithcrazyrachel

You can create custom envelopes for birthday or other special occasion cards by using old magazine pages. You’ll need an envelope in the size that you want to make which will serve as the template. Then you just cut out your magazine pages and create the envelope, gluing as you go. This is a wonderful way to get some customized envelopes for stationary or anything you want to use them for.

Tutorial/Source: heywandererblog

You can turn those magazines into beautiful bracelets to wear or share! I love this rose bracelet that is fashioned from old magazine pages and it’s a pretty easy project to complete. You’ll need the bracelet which you can get at any craft or hobby store. Then you make roses from your magazine pages and attach them to the bracelet base. You could also do a ring, necklace or just about any piece of jewelry that you wanted.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

Imagine creating your own uniquely customized shoes! You can with a pair of white flats – which you can buy at the Dollar Store for around $5 – and some old magazines. You basically just cover your shoes in the pictures that you want and then use Mod Podge to seal it all in. This is great for girls of all ages. Make some for yourself using your favorite cooking magazine or for your little girl with a Disney magazine. The possibilities are endless!

I love this soap cozy that you can make by cutting strips of magazine pages and creating a nice little rectangle from them. You can glue them into place to keep them stable. This is great for covering up any soap dispenser that you buy and it would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is into old magazines…or soap.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

Instead of just stacking up those magazines, why not turn them into this amazing stool? You’ll get an extra place to sit and the magazines will be there if and when you ever need them. I love this idea and it looks really easy. You’ll need a wooden base, which is what you attach your belts to so that you can tighten them down around the pillow – I mean, every seat needs a cushion, right?

Tutorial/Source: inhabitat

What better way to store your future magazines than in a basket that is made from your old magazines? This is such a genius idea! You could use this basket to help you organize so many things from makeup and toys to just about anything else. Plus, it’s really easy to make and you could do these in a variety of different sizes to have one that’s perfect for all of your storage issues.

Tutorial/Source: thegildedhare

Wallpaper! You can turn your old magazines into wallpaper! I love this idea and it’s so easy. You’ll need to shred the pages, or have them shredded into strips. Staples and other office supply stores will do this for a small fee. Then you use those strips to create the most unique DIY wallpaper you’ve ever seen. It gives it a really nice retro look, don’t you think? I love this for a bathroom or den.

Tutorial/Source: curbly

This little mini magazine notebook is perfect for keeping in your purse or giving out as a gift. You make the covers from magazine pages and you can fill it with Post-It notes or cut up paper. Just fold papers in half, whatever size you want, and then sew them together with yarn. Then create your covers from the pages of your magazines and you’ve got the perfect little notebook for jotting down things on the go.

Tutorial/Source: abeautifulmess

What a wonderful idea! Turning magazine pages into placemats is really easy and makes such unique placemats. You can do whole pages if you prefer or cut them into strips and create a geometrical looking placemat. You can make two of these in about an hour and it’s a really simple process. You just fold your pages to create your design and then cover them with clear contact paper.

Tutorial/Source: thepinkcouch

If you carry business cards, you probably know that those business card holders can be a bit expensive. Plus, they’re not typically customized. You can make your own and customize it however you like with your old magazines. You’ll need to cut your magazine page to size and then cover with clear contact paper. The process is really easy and it makes the perfect holder for business cards.

Tutorial/Source: howaboutorange

What better way to use those old magazines than to make beautiful flowers? This is a really simple project and you can use those magazine flowers to decorate any number of things. Glue them onto gift bags or envelopes or even add dowel rods to make an entire bouquet to display. There are so many things that you can do with them and they’re pretty easy to make.


This bowl is really unique and so easy to make! You create it with old magazine pages that you cut out and coil into strips. Then you put the strips together to create whatever design you want. When the bowl is finished, you can seal it in with Mod Podge and use it for your fruits or veggies that don’t have to be refrigerated. This is also a great little bowl for jewelry or makeup.

Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

Instead of throwing those magazines out, why not turn them into beautiful art? I love the idea of decorating with what would otherwise be considered trash and this wall art is absolutely beautiful. It’s a silhouette and you can make it in any shape or form that you want. You do it by cutting and rolling your magazine pages to create the shape. How unique is that? And, it’s really easy and fun to do.

Tutorial/Source: brit

This is a very ironic project and one that is so much fun. Turn those old magazines into a trash can – instead of actually putting them in the trash can. You can decorate an old wire trash can with magazines and other items and give it a really great look. It only takes about an hour and it’s a really great looking trash can when you’re finished. It’s perfect for a bathroom or a teenager’s bedroom.

Tutorial/Source: replayground

Did you know that you can use newspapers and magazines to create nail art? I didn’t, either and now that I do, I can’t wait to try this. You can turn those magazine pictures or words into beautiful nails and you only need a few supplies. These nails rival anything that you could get done at the salon and they’re a lot cheaper than going to a professional. Plus, you can customize them with whatever words or images you want.

Tutorial/Source: taaz

This rolled page picture frame is really simple to make and kids are going to love helping you with it. You just tear or cut out your pages and roll them into flower shaped sections that you glue onto a cardboard or wooden picture frame base. You can make the actual frame from cardboard – like an empty cereal box. This is a great frame to display your favorite family pictures and you could make an entire matching set.

Tutorial/Source: doodlecraftblog

Take those old magazines, cut the pages into strips, and create these neat little woven coasters. This is pretty simple, although the weaving is a bit of a complex technique. They won’t take much time to make though and you’ll have a lovely set of custom coasters when you’re finished. Since you fold the pages together to make your “fabric” they’re also really sturdy and you can top them off with Mod Podge to make them extra sturdy.

Tutorial/Source: howaboutorange

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